Affordable home plan designs in the Jackson, Mississippi area

Sample Home Plans

Here is a sample and description of the plans I include. Other services may be available upon request. For example: kitchen design, or site plan can be added at an extra cost. (This set of sample plans is for sale, and can be modified to your needs.  Call for more information.)

sample-plan sample-plan sample-plan sample-plan sample-plan

Foundation Plan: Your new home is only as strong as the foundation. This is one of the most important plans that many people don't put much effort into. I strongly suggest having your lot's soil tested so that the proper foundation can be built for your new home. I will design a foundation that meets or exceeds local building code. It is up to you and your contractor to be sure that your soil conditions are ample for your upcoming project. I also strongly urge you to have your soil report and this plan reviewed by a licensed structural engineer.

Floor Plan: This is a plan that shows the locations and dimensions of all the rooms in your home. Your contractor or home builder will use this plan to accurately place the rooms that you require in your new home.

Elevations: This plan gives you a realistic idea of how the house will look on the outside. Four elevations will be provided; Front, Rear, Left side, Right side. It also provides very important information about the different types of veneer that you choose for your new home, for example: brick, vinyl siding, stucco, and even the type of shingles for the roof.

Electrical Plan: This plan allows me to custom design the location of every wall switch and every outlet in your home. If your living room needs outlets in the floor, or if you need a ceiling fan on your back porch, this is where these items will be shown. I do my very best in assuring that everything meets code, it is still up to you to check with your electrical contractor to be certain that it meets your local building code.

3D View: I can also do 3 dimensional views of your new home so that you can get an idea what it will look like when completed. These are not included in the normal pricing package, but can be added for a small setup fee, then priced per view. Call for more details.