Affordable home plan designs in the Jackson, Mississippi area


There are a few things that are required in order for me to provide service for you:

  1. I will present a contract that you must agree to and sign.  This contract spells out what I provide, what I do not provide, and the estimated cost of the project. 
  2. Once my service is agreed upon, I ask for a minimum deposit of Two Hundred Dollars.
  3. After all of the legal stuff is finished, I can begin working on your dream home.  During the design of your home's floor plan, we will need to meet a few times to go over things.
    • The first meeting is a meet and great, where we go over everything, you sign the contract and pay the deposit.
    • The second meeting will be when I have finished the floor plan.  At this time you can agree to make it your final draft or make changes.  If changes are needed after you have agreed to your final design, an additional charge per hour will be applied, which will be determined at that time depending on the extent of the changes.  This meeting can be done over the phone if preferred.
    • The final meeting will be to pick up your plans.  I can also mail them to you if you prefer, but I think it is a good idea to go over them to be sure there are no final questions, and ensure that you are pleased with the outcome.

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